is the online portfolio of wildlife biologist and photographer Dr John Gibbens.

While conducting remote-area field trips, John gets access to wilderness that remains off-limits to most photographers. Although a website specialising in fur seals may seem a little obscure, it's a niche that hasn't been well documented before. And the pups are undeniably cute. There are photos of other wildlife too.

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Photo: Thibaut Vergoz

John's prize-winning images have been published in newspapers, magazines, calendars and scientific journals. They have also featured in interpretive displays, informational brochures and conservation campaigns.

Sealimages is represented by photographic agencies Auscape,, Marine Themes (search for "Gibbens") and AlaskaStock. You can also make direct orders and enquiries via the ordering page.


November 2012
    -Website updated

August 2010
     -St Paul Island gallery added. Images of foxes, seabirds, wildflowers and scenery from a sub-Arctic island in the Bering Sea

May 2010

     -Northern fur seal gallery added
     -Lukkanon, a poem about northern fur seals by Rudyard Kipling added
     -Australian fur seal gallery updated

September 2009
    -Website updated
    -More information pages added

January 2009
    -Cape fur seal gallery added
    -New images added

September 2008
    -Website Updated

September 2007:
    -Award: 1st Place - Our Impact Category - for image "Choked seal pup" ANZANG Nature and Landsca
pe Photographer of the Year 2007
    -New images added
    -Information page added

September 2008
    -Website updated

March 2007:
    -Seal galleries updated

December 2006:
    -Award: 1 of 5 winners of Greenpeace Photography Competition 2006 for image "Seal pup portrait".


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